What else can Welling School Sixth Form offer?

At Welling Sixth Form we have a great range of courses to offer, as well as experienced and enthusiastic teaching staff. Support will be provided for you during your time at Welling, but also as you venture into the outside world of work or university. We also have a bespoke enrichment programme which is designed to help you develop academic, social and personal skills that compliment your studies and add breadth and depth to your learning experience. We provide a very supportive environment helping you to develop into young adults who can effectively meet the challenges of life beyond school. Being a member of a hardworking and rewarding Sixth Form can be an exciting experience and we look forward to welcoming you to Welling School Sixth Form.


Personal Development

It is extremely important that students develop the skills necessary to meet the challenges that they are going to face later on in life, be it in the world of work or in higher education. 

We offer a tutorial programme that equips students with support for essential study skills and guidance to develop our students into independent learners and thinkers. Furthermore, we encourage students to:

  • Research their next steps into employment, education and training
  • View and experience presentations delivered by outside agencies
  • Update CVs and personal statements 
  • Visit Higher Education conventions and conferences to gain advice and experience of the university lifestyle. 
  • Prepare thoroughly for the university application process


Work and university experience

Work experience is encouraged throughout Sixth Form and we support students in gaining essential workplace skills that are compatible with their timetable. Students are also encouraged to attend university taster days or summer porgrammes to support their future endeavours. We will do all that we can to support this extended learning experience.



Co-curricular opportunities are designed to enable and encourage students to advance their personal skills, knowledge and experience in addition to their educational programme. There are several strands to this component and it covers formal and informal lessons. 


Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) 

This programme is designed to develop and extend from one or more of the student’s study areas and/or from an area of personal interest or activity outside their main programme of study. It will be based on a topic chosen by the student(s) and agreed as appropriate by the centre. It is an independent research project that equips students with critical thinking skills, research methods and dissertation type skills. It is the equivalent of an AS level, UCAS points and is completed throughout the 2 years of study. 


Peer Mentoring

Many year 12 students become peer mentors to students in Years 7 and 8 by supporting them in a variety of lessons. Students also provide support and advice to Year 11 students in revision techniques and exam preparation. Sixth Form students benefit enormously from this experience, which develops both leadership and communication skills. 


Sports Leadership 

Young people undertaking a qualification in Sports Leadership will learn and demonstrate important life skills such as effective communication and organisation whilst learning to lead basic physical activities to younger people, their peers, older generations and within the community. The courses involve both guided & peer-to-peer learning and supervised leadership to ensure that learners have all the skills they need to lead basic physical activities to other people.

This qualification offers UCAS points.


International Trips

Students have the opportunity to gain once in a lifetime experiences through trips to New York and charity based adventures in Uganda.