About Sixth Form

Why choose Welling School Sixth Form?

Thomas Edison once said “We often miss opportunities because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Welling School will offer you the opportunities to captivate and motivate you in your studies, allowing you to get to the next step on the ladder; whether in the workplace, on to apprenticeships or higher education. The ethos of Welling Sixth Form will propel you to where you want to be, but this comes at a cost - not a financial price, but an investment of time, effort and determination. These are the three key skills you need to prepare for the constant controlled pressure of Sixth Form and are qualities you will certainly develop along the way. All courses are manageable, whether your choice is Applied or Academic subjects as long as you utilise your initiative to reach your full potential. Welling School Sixth Form supports its students to achieve a balance between work and play. The Sixth Form is a place to make new friends and socialise alongside studying and completing work to the best of your ability. 

The facilities at Welling School Sixth Form are, in our eyes, unrivalled. We have  state of the art Apple Mac computer suites in Media, Film, Music. This is not forgetting our newly renovated i-Brary that offers students a dynamic library where we can work 

independently or on group tasks equipped with PCs Macs, iPads and books. For our practical subjects we have a number of scientific laboratories and state of the art Astro-turf. The Sixth Form common room is a vast space reserved permanently for the Sixth Form students to learn and relax. Becoming a member of Welling Sixth Form means you will be able to utilise this space and support your five hours taught time in each subject. 

Whatever your aspirations, Welling School offers a wide range of subjects with new subjects constantly being considered. Whichever pathway you choose to follow, Welling School Sixth Form offers an exciting place to learn where you are treated as an adult. However, you are surrounded by a group of peers willing to support you, a team of talented and dedicated teachers, tutors, and finally, a student leadership team team who are always ready to help you. We are looking forward to welcoming you into our community and supporting you in your next stage of education. 


Vision Statement 

We are an experienced Sixth Form team with our students’ interests at heart. Welling Sixth Form looks forward to working with all students, to ensure that you have an enjoyable, productive and happy experience throughout your remaining time at school. It is our privilege to work with you as you become more engaged with the world you are moving towards; and as you continue to make the most of the extensive opportunities afforded to you and engage fully with all aspects of your Post-16 Education. 

Our aim is to give students the skills, opportunities and qualifications needed to progress and successfully make the transition to the next stages of their lives. Welling Sixth Form strives for you to fulfil your potential both academically and as a young adult. As a student you will benefit from access

to excellent facilities and teaching. Staff will work alongside you to support your progress within each subject where you will receive targeted advice and guidance on how you can achieve your goals. 

We want Welling students to be independent adults who have developed the skills and interests that prepare them for life, whether that be at university or in employment. This can be done through a development of skills within the our values (We are: ambitious; kind; active). It is these key qualities that are highly regarded in a post Sixth Form pathway. We also want students to enjoy their time in the Sixth Form. The Sixth Form is a partnership between you, your parents and the school community. You will be expected to work hard and show commitment. We have high expectations and high aspirations for your success and will endeavour to help you to achieve your potential. 


Visual Art Specialism

Welling School has been a Specialist Visual Arts College since September 2002. It has a national reputation for being at the cutting edge of contemporary practice in the teaching of Visual Arts. 

Being a specialist in Visual Arts College means many things. The school has a large and well-resourced Visual Arts Faculty, where students can study a broad range of disciplines. We offer A Level and level 3  courses in Drama, Music Technology, Music Performance, Fine Art and Photography. 

The creative industries are now one of the largest employment sectors in the UK and studying Visual Arts is an excellent way to access this growing area. Many of our students go on to study the Visual Arts further, including, in recent years, The Ruskin School of Drawing at Oxford University and The University of Arts London.