Behaviour and Rewards

As a TKAT school we have a shared and common purpose to ensure all pupils, regardless of the traditional barriers to success, have the opportunities and resources to achieve their academic and career aspirations within a safe, inclusive and ambitious environment. We are a school / academy that:

  • Works together inclusively
  • Respects and cares for each other
  • Has ambition and is aspirational to all

Our education philosophy is focused around three values we want all of our students to acquire before taking their place in the global community. At Welling School:

  • We are Ambitious
  • We are Kind
  • We are Active

These values of being ambitious, kind and active underpin all the conversations we have in school, both positive and negative. Where students follow behaviour expectations, they will be rewarded for doing so. Where they are unable to follow our behaviour expectations, this may lead to sanctions being put in place. The nature of the sanction is dependent on the behaviour type - the more serious the behaviour the more significant the sanction is likely to be.


At Welling school, alongside our three core values sit the three R's. 

  • A verbal or non-verbal cue.
  • Non-confrontational reminder.
  • Assumed compliance
  • An outline of expectations.
  • Refer to red line display/ values.

Staff Must: 

  • Deliver a clear and direct message with no negotiation.
  • Maintain the relationship and be calm
  • Give a clear expectation of how to succeed. 
  • A clear explanation of the outcome.
  • May involve moving seat, sending out for a short time, confiscation
  • React in a way that allows the student to save face 
  • Student removed through on call system 
  • Discreetly inform On Call staff of the student needing removal.
  • Restorative conversation.


Late to lesson bell

The bell rings 5 minutes into lessons. After the bell has finished, the classroom door will be closed.  If you arrive to lesson after that point you are late and will be marked as a "L" on the register.  If you are late with good reason or were late to school with a slip, you will be marked as present. If you are late, you will be given a 30 minute detention that night (if periods 1 to 4) or the following day if period 5.


All detentions take place in the library at 3pm. There are three levels to our detention structure. These are:

    • 30 minutes
    • 60 minutes
    • 90 minutes (SLT 90 - issued by SLT)

Your tutor will bring you down to the library directly from tutor time.

Truancy and the Refocus Room 

If you are removed from a lesson for poor behavior, you will be taken to the refocus room by a member of the behavior team. As a result of this, a 60 minute detention will be issued. 

If you refuse to go to the refocus room, you will be issued an SLT 90 detention for defiance.

If you are found to be truanting from a lesson and it is in the first 15 minutes of the lesson, you will be returned to lesson. If if it is the last 45 minutes of the lesson you will be taken to the refocus room.  

Mobile Phones

We are an onsite, out of sight school. If you are seen using a mobile phone, it will be confiscated and handed into main reception. You will be able to collect it at the end of the day from main reception. If you refused to hand over your phone, a member of the senior leadership will be alerted and you will be issued an SLT 90 detention. If you are persistently being caught with your phone, your parents will be asked to collect it.


We believe that there should be a consequence for positive behaviour. Through our rewards system, we recognise both individual cases of positive behaviour, and patterns of repeated positive behaviour over time. Through our rewards system we aim to recognise and celebrate the positive contributions that our students make. Teachers are also encouraged to make positive phone calls to reward positive behaviour. In addition to the formal rewards outlined below, all adults are encouraged to regularly praise students making positive contributions. Students can be rewarded for behaviour in the classroom, around the school site, or beyond the school gates for actions which positively serve the community.

When you exceed expectations, a staff member may award you an achievement (+1) point. If you do not meet the expectations of your teacher they may issues a behaviour (-1) point. Combined, they make your total conduct points score, which can earn you different rewards.  

Reward Certificates

Altogether there are 8 levels of rewards that students can work towards achieving. Each level comes with a new and exciting reward prize. This can be seen below : 

 At each level, you will also be issued with a certificate to acknowledge your hard work and commitment. An example of the certificates can be seen below : 


Golden Ticket

As an addition to our reward system, we have introduced a unique award called a "Golden Ticket". This is to recognise outstanding moments of effort and achievement. If you receive a golden ticket from a member of staff, then you will be asked to visit the Head Teacher at the start of afternoon tutor time for a special prize. An example of the golden ticket can be seen below :


Reward Trips

Throughout the year we will be running a series of reward trips for those students that have continuously demonstrated positive learning behaviours.