Curriculum & Learning

School Vision

Building successful futures


School Values

Our approach is Inclusive, developed in line with research and underpinned by our values:


  • We are active in our learning and take responsibility for our success
  • We are ambitious to achieve beyond expectation
  • We are kind to ourselves and others without making excuses.


We are Ambitious, Kind and Active


Curriculum Ambition

To create and deliver a curriculum that ensures all students master the core knowledge necessary to achieve the best possible outcomes and build success in the next stages of their careers, to live happy and healthy lives.


SEN Curriculum Ambition

To ensure SEN students receive the same high quality curriculum with adjustments to the curriculum pedagogy, to ensure they achieve the best possible outcomes and excel in the next stages of their careers and live happy and healthy lives.


Curriculum Intent

At the heart of Welling School is a broad and balanced curriculum that focuses on building successful futures for all students. Our core priority is to embed an inspirational curriculum experience which fully ensures students are rich in knowledge, proficient in skill, confident in ability and provides a range of opportunity and experiences to build their cultural capital and aspiration for their future.