GCSE Results 2023

24 Aug 23

Year 11 Results 2023

Welling School is celebrating Year 11 results day. Initial analysis indicates excellent achievements by so many students as well as impressive performance in a range of measures and subjects. 

We recognise that the achievements our students have made this year are even greater given that they have experienced the disruption the pandemic brought to their lives and their education but have had their grades awarded using 2019 guidelines which have not accommodated for that in the same way as the last couple of years.

  • Almost half the cohort have achieved standard or strong passes in both English and Maths.
  • The number of students achieving a 5-9 grade in both English and Maths has increased since the 2019 examinations.
  • Performance in English has broadly maintained 4+  and out-performed at 5+ for the last set of examination results in 2019. 
  • Over 37% of subject entries have been awarded the highest grades of a ‘strong pass’ at grades 9 to 5.  The following subjects saw significant improvement in the strong pass measure compared to 2019, Biology by 17%, English Language and English Literature by 17%, History by 70%, Computer Science by 75%, Health & Social and Photography by 100%
  • We are particularly proud of the significantly increased achievement in Business Studies, Childcare and Media Studies Music, with 100% pass rate in Chinese, Childcare, German, Russian, Health & Social Care, Italian and Portuguese.
  • 37% of the year group have achieved good passes in 5 or more subjects including English and Maths, with an impressive quarter of students achieving 5 strong passes or higher.
  • Another impressive increase in achievement is the number of ‘highest’ grades (8 and 9 or equivalent) that students have achieved. A significant number of these grades are in Maths, History, English Language, English Literature, Biology Physics and Spanish. In addition we are also proud that an impressive 45% of grades achieved in Business Studies were awarded a Distinction* and Distinction. The proportion of 8 grades has increased by 10% compared to 2019.
  • We are delighted to congratulate a large number of students progressing onto Welling School Sixth Form and other local 16+ providers and apprenticeships, a result of their individual achievements


Amongst other outstanding results the school congratulates:

  • Ahmad Akbary - achieved 8 x 7 - 9 Grades including 4 x Grade 9 in History, Maths and Science. 
  • Rheaa Gurung - achieved 9 Grades 7- 9 including a Grade 9 in maths.  
  • Amanda Otse - achieved 7 x 7 - 9 Grades including a Grade 9 in Biology. 
  • Georgina Jones - achieved 8 x 7 - 9 Grades, including Grade 9 in English Language
  • Joshua Aroyewun - achieved 7x 7 - 9 Grades including grade 8 in Chemistry and Physics


Headteacher, Brian Griffen said: ‘It gives me great pleasure to be able to congratulate so many students on their well deserved achievements. Our initial data shows some notable increases in attainment in identified subjects, despite the significant impact that the pandemic continued to have on their education. Students have clearly worked very hard for their successes and quite rightly should be celebrated. Students now have the opportunity to make ‘their’ next steps  towards the career or university of their choice.  This year’s results are a testament to the continued hard work of staff, students and the support of parents. Well done to all.