Pathways After Year 11

Some year 11 students have a clear idea about what they want to do in the future and how to get there, but some have no idea at all.

Others are somewhere in the middle or have changed their minds a few times. This is all normal, so if you’re feeling confused, try not to worry.

There is help and information out there.

Here are a couple of points to note about options after year 11:

  1. You must stay in learning until age 18. ‘Learning’ can mean a variety of things – not just full-time school or college (see below for more details).
  2. Whatever option you choose, if you don’t have a grade 4 (formerly C) in maths and/or English, you must keep studying these subjects until you achieve a 4 or equivalent (this applies until  your 18th birthday).


So what are the options?

Here are the main options available after year 11:

  • school 6th form
  • college
  • apprenticeships
  • traineeships (sometimes called other names, eg ‘pre-apprenticeships’).

Enclosed is further information on options available to you after Year 11.