Punctual attendance for all examinations is essential.  Morning examinations start promptly at 9.00am and afternoon examinations start promptly at 1.00pm.

Formal regulations apply in all examinations please make sure you are familiar with the JCQ notice to candidates and other JCQ examination documents which are all found below.  I would like to draw your attention to the following:

  • Mobile phones/iPods/MP3/4 players etc must not be taken into the examination room and contravention of this regulation may lead to disqualification from the examination.
  • Any pencil cases taken into the examination room must be transparent.
  • Students must write in black ink or ballpoint pen.
  • Students must wear full school uniform at all times.
  • Students may bring a drink of water if they wish, in a sports cap bottle with the label removed.


Please ensure that your son/daughter has all the necessary equipment for their examinations, ie a black pen, pencil, ruler and if required a calculator.

If for any reason your child is unable to attend any examinations, the school should be informed immediately.  If your child misses an exam because of illness or injury you will be asked to provide medical evidence.

Jackie Eden
Examinations Officer

Kerry Chapman
Exams and Curriculum Officer