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Uniform Expectations

I appreciate that you have already had correspondence from Mr Pett today, however I wanted you to receive this letter before Easter to allow you time to purchase new uniform, should it be required, before we return.

I am writing to remind parent/carers of Welling School’s uniform expectations. These expectations have not changed but I feel it is worth reiterating these before the start of the new term so that all students can return to school with clarity around what is expected, and so that students are aware of the course of action that will be followed if expectations are not met.

Our uniform policy can be found here and if you are in any doubt about what the school requires in terms of uniform I would urge you to consult this document before sending your child back to school on 19 April. I would like to draw your attention to a few specific items which are not permitted and which have become recurring areas of confusion for a small minority of students.

  • Cosmetic eyelashes are not permitted
  • Cosmetic nails are not permitted
  • Trainers are not permitted
  • Hoodies are not permitted

If a student arrives at school wearing any of the above, their parent/carers will be contacted and, with your permission, they will be sent home to change and/or remove the item before returning to school.

If parent/carers are unable or unwilling to have their child return home to correct their uniform, the student will be given the opportunity to remove the cosmetic item and/or borrow a pair of school shoes which we will provide. If they refuse, they will spend the day in our Refocus room, away from the wider school population. This will continue each day until they arrive in the correct uniform.

If your child has a reason for wearing incorrect uniform, for example trainers due to a foot injury, they will require a note from their parent/carer to explain the reason and this will be valid for one day. If your child needs to wear trainers for a medical reason beyond a single day, they will require certification from a doctor. If students arrive wearing trainers without medical certification, they will spend their break and lunchtime in the Refocus room, away from the wider school population.

I would like to take the opportunity to remind parent/carers that all students must wear a school blazer and school tie every day, and should arrive with a face covering. Parent/carers and students will be notified when we move to summer uniform, at which point blazers will not be required.

Thank you for your support and cooperation in this matter.

Mr P Hemsley