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Uniform Update - November 2022

Dear Parent/carer

As we approach the winter months and the colder weather, I would like to remind parents/carers of the school’s uniform policy and expectations. It’s really important that staff and students do not come into conflict over uniform as it diverts time, energy and resources away from what is most important. It is with this in mind that I ask for your support in ensuring your son/daughter arrives in correct uniform each day, and does not bring prohibited items with them. I would like to thank students and families for the overwhelmingly positive response they have shown to the strengthening of our uniform policy in 2022 and the part you are therefore playing in raising standards at Welling School.

Our uniform policy can be found here, but for ease of reference, below is a summary of the main items that are required but occasionally forgotten, as well as those items which are prohibited.

Every student should arrive wearing their school tie, school blazer and a suitable pair of school shoes. Students may also wear a plain black school jumper under their blazer if they wish. Coats should be dark and single coloured.

Prohibited items:

  • - Trainers
  • - Hoodies
  • - Sports tops or quarter-zip sweatshirts
  • - Balaclavas, caps or durags
  • - False eyelashes
  • - False nails
  • - Faux-fur coats/jackets

Our aim is that every single student arrives in the correct uniform each day, but on the occasions when this does not happen our policy remains the same - students are offered the opportunity to return home to correct their uniform, to borrow a missing item of uniform, or to hand in a prohibited item in the first instance. Where a student refuses, they will spend the day in the Refocus Room. This is a last resort, and our preference is always that students arrive in the correct uniform, or take the opportunity to correct it at the start of the day.

Thank you for your ongoing support and for helping us to maintain high standards for our students.

Yours faithfully,

Mr P Hemsley