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Update: Year 7 & 10 School Closure

Thank you for your continued support and understanding while staffing challenges mean that Years 7 and 10 are working on-line. Thank you to those families and students who have been in touch to give us feedback - your understanding is much appreciated.

On Thursday I assured you that we would be back in touch on Tuesday to update you on the situation. The  level of staff covid-related absence continues to present challenges. As you will imagine, the complexity of  isolation periods starting and finishing on different days and spanning different time periods, as well as the  uncertainty around whether staff will be well enough to return to work at the end of the isolation  period, makes planning in advance, extremely difficult.

In order that students and their families, as well as teaching staff, can organise and plan as effectively as  possible please note the following arrangements:

  • School remains closed to Years 7 and 10, and they will remain on remote education until the end of this week
  • Students in Years 7 and 10 will return to face to face education in school from Monday 13 December.

To support their return to school, all students in Years 7 and 10 will be offered lateral flow test kits to take home to maintain regular testing (2-3 times per week).

Please also note:

  • We do not expect our staffing levels to return to a fully operational rate before the end of term and so some further adaptations and restrictions may need to be put in place at short notice ∙ All year groups who have been attending school this week will be given additional test kits to keep at home and asked to maintain regular testing
  • Government guidance states that all students (and staff) should wear a face covering in communal  areas when in school and when travelling on public transport

Computer and Internet Support:

A reminder that if you require technical support or if you need support with borrowing IT equipment or Internet access then please email:

Students Eligible for Free School Meals:

All families who are usually in receipt of free school meals should have received a voucher through the  post. If you have not yet received it or if you require further support then please get in touch with us. In addition to these arrangements your child’s Head of Year and Care and Guidance Assistant remain  accessible by phone or email.

Safeguarding Information:

We take this opportunity to remind families of the importance of careful monitoring while students are using IT facilities and the Internet. Please let us know if we can help or support in any way. If you have a concern about a child's welfare or safety then please contact us immediately through the reception or by  emailing

Again - thank you for your understanding and support. We are working hard to manage a difficult situation where no solution is ideal. Please assume students should return as currently planned on Monday. If this situation changes we will be in touch as soon as we know.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if there is anything else we can do to support you or your  child while they are working at home.

With very best wishes.

Mr R Pett