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Safeguarding Review

At Welling School, we work hard to ensure all our students are safe. On occasions this has involved working in partnership with the Local Authority and outside agencies. During the challenging times we have all faced, we are acutely aware of the additional pressure that families are under and the potential risks and challenges we all face

As a school, we are keen to ensure that our safeguarding arrangements remain appropriate and robust. Consequently, the Local Authority carried out a Safeguarding Review towards the end of the Summer Term. They reviewed the safeguarding culture of the school and the many different aspects of safeguarding work we carry out. As part of the review, we asked them focus on our approach to tackling bullying.

From the review many strengths were identified. It was reported there were robust systems are in place and safeguarding records are maintained, any disclosures are reported and recorded in line with policies. There is good collaborative work between teaching staff and the pastoral team. This strength in communication means that students are confident in approaching staff for support. Students themselves spoke highly of pastoral teams and expressed there are numerous opportunities to speak with a range of staff members should they require support. Systems in place to support transition into Year 7 for vulnerable students was identified as a strength. During the learning walk classrooms were calm and students engaged in their learning. In addition, it was also noted a high level of staff supervision during break and lunchtime.

Some areas of development were identified and as a school we have already begun to address these. Students have identified their gaps in understanding of bullying. The work currently being undertaken by the Ant-Bullying Student Ambassadors and their anti-bullying website provides a platform for students to report bullying so that any issues can be followed up by staff. This will help to address these gaps along with the work within the curriculum through an increased focus during Personal Development lessons.

Additionally, our communication with parents regarding bullying is area for development. Mr Pett wrote to parent/carers last week with a letter entitled ‘Updated Anti-Bullying Policy’. This details our updated policy and the means by which parents/carers can contact the school to report any bullying concerns relating to their child or other children in the school.

For your reference a copy of this letter is on our website and can be found by clicking on the link below:

Letter to Parents - Anti-Bullying Policy

A further area for development that was identified by both staff and students was regarding increased cyberbullying and staying safe whilst accessing the internet. Our October Safeguarding newsletter will be providing details on how you as parents/carers can support your children online and will include details of the Safer Schools App which we will be relaunching to staff, students, and parents/carers.

The school is keen to see that its new Anti-Bullying Policy is implemented successfully. In addition to feedback that it will be seeking from staff, students, and parent/carers during the last week of this half term we have also requested that the Local Authority return at the end of November to carry out a further Safeguarding Review to see how well the school is implementing their recommendations. A summary of their findings will also be shared with parent/carers.

At Welling School, I am the named Designated Safeguarding Lead. If you have any concerns regarding the safeguarding of your child, please email the safeguarding team at and a member of the safeguarding team will follow up on your concerns.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs K Kallend