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European Day of Languages

This week the school has been celebrating ‘European Day of Languages’ with a week of assemblies dedicated to the subject. In assemblies and form time students have explored the richness of learning different languages and how these deepen our understanding and appreciation of people from a range of different backgrounds and cultures

At Welling School we recognise the positive impact that learning a new language can have on a student’s academic and cultural development. This year we have broadened our curriculum with A level French being studied for the first time in many years as well as A level Spanish which has grown in popularity since its introduction. In recent years the student take-up of both French and Spanish GCSE has increased and we continue to offer for native speakers a range of additional language GCSEs. Our approach recognises that languages offer students an excellent route into higher education as well as an opportunity to explore the wider social and cultural benefits of being able to speak more than one language. Language skills offer great opportunities for students to increase their employability in a range of fields, with the cosmopolitan workplace of London offering many opportunities for those who have qualifications and foreign languages.

The school plans to continue to grow as a place of excellence in the teaching of languages as we pursue our accreditation as an IB (International Baccalaureate) World School and the delivery of their Careers Related Programme, beginning in September 2022. This exciting new programme of study offers 6th Form students the opportunity to explore and develop their use of a new language as well as honing their proficiency in using their first language in the context of their career-related studies of Business and Finance. Information regarding application for the IB career-related programme (IBCP) will soon be available on the school website and current Year 11 students will be invited to apply through our 6th form application process in the new year.

Yours faithfully,

Ms M Major