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School Arrangements from Monday 7 June

In line with updated guidance and an updated risk assessment from the Trust we are in a position to review how the school will operate from Monday 7 June. A feature of this year has been students being taught in bubbles and teachers moving to bubbles. I am really pleased to be able to tell you that from Monday 7 June teachers will be returning to their classroom and we will be introducing a one-way system which will allow year group bubbles to move around the school. Existing health and safety control systems that are in place to protect students and staff and minimise contact between year group bubbles will remain.

This letter will set out arrangements for the whole school. Parent/carers will also receive a letter personalised for their Child’s year group. To coincide with these changes we will also be focusing on our basic expectations that we know will make a positive difference to the whole school community. These are addressed at the end of the letter.

School Logo

You will also notice the different letterhead. Moving forward we will be phasing out the ‘heart’ logo and returning to our traditional school crest. We have also considered our core purpose and firmly believe that everything we do together must focus on ‘building successful futures’ for our students and all members of the Welling community. Behind this core purpose sits new school priorities that we will be sharing with parent/carers after half term. These priorities set out how over the next 18 months we will bring about sustained improvements to Welling School so that we can achieve our vision of being an outstanding school and a school of first choice for local families. Our school values of being ambitious, kind and active remain and should underpin both staff and student behaviours.

We will be using this move back towards how we usually operate in schools as the chance to re-establish parts of the school culture that have naturally become eroded over the past year or so. This will enable us to be even clearer about our high expectations around attendance and punctuality, standards of conduct and attitudes to learning; things that are not only central to excellent achievement but are key for successful futures.

Arriving to School

  • There will be two entrances to school:
Year 9, Year 10 & Year 12 Elsa Road Gate Arrival: 8:30am
Year 7 & Year 8 Berwick Road Gate Arrival: 8:30am
  • Students will not be allowed into school until 8.20.
  • All students must be at school by 8.30 and in their Form Room by 8.35. Gates will close at 8.30. If students arrive after 8.30 they will need to sign in via reception. We will be reintroducing a morning break detention for students that arrive between 8.30 – 8.55. Students arriving after 8.55 will be issued with a same day hour detention.

Form Time

Students will still have Form time in one area of the school. Locations have been updated:

Year 7 Art Block 
Year 8 English Corridor
Year 9 Science Corridor
Year 10 Maths Corridor
Year 12  ICT & Business Corridor








Lesson Time

  • We will return to two lunch breaks. Year 9 and Year 10 will have their lunchtime at 12.25 -12.55. Year 7, Year 8 and Year 12 will have their lunchtime at 13.25 – 13.55.
  • For Year 12 there is no change to the current lunch arrangements.
  • All year groups will now be able to access the canteen at lunchtime for both hot and cold food. To facilitate this, students will need to make a choice. They can either go to the canteen to eat and sit down. Alternatively, students can go outside. As two year groups will be on lunch at the same time students will need to stay in the canteen where there will be separate areas or outside.
  • In addition to queuing up and entering the canteen separately, each year group will be allocated tables where they will need to remain seated.
  • Those students who do not want to stay in the canteen area can go straight to their outside space. They will need to follow the one-way system to get there.
  • For Year 9 their outside space in The Hardcourt. For Year 10 their outside space is The Quad.
  • For Year 7 their outside space is The Art Block. For Year 8 their outside space in The Hardcourt.
  • Depending on the use of the Astro for PE lessons will look at how year groups are also able to access this space.

Student Toilets

There are some changes to the toilets students can use. At morning break as each year group will be in one area there will be specific toilets that must be used at this time. These are as follows:

Year 7 Art Block Toilets
Year 8 PE Changing Room Toilets
Year 9 Main Atrium Toilets
Year 10 Toilets in IT/Business
Year 12  6th Form Toilets (Upstairs in Atrium)


At lunchtime each year group will need to use the following toilets:

Year 7 Art Block Toilets
Year 8 Main Atrium Toilets
Year 9 Main Atrium Toilets
Year 10 Main Atrium Toilets & Toilets in IT/Business
Year 12 6th Form Toilets (Upstairs in Atrium)


Students are not able to use toilets during lessons unless they have a medical note in their planner, or it is an emergency. During lessons the following toilets should be used:

Year 7 – 10 Main Atrium Toilets
Year 12 6th Form Toilets (Upstairs in Atrium)


After School

Students will exit the school site via the same entrance they arrived:

Year 9, Year 10 & Year 12 Elsa Road Gate
Year 7 & Year 8 Berwick Road Gate

Through the use of our rewards system we will be reinforcing how we expect students to behave at school. This half term staff have worked hard with students to remind them how we expect them to behave. From half term, we will be following in full our School Behaviour Policy. This means that consequences will also be issued in line with the policy. We know that these steps will help ensure the school is calm and lessons are purposeful where your child can learn. We thank parent/carers in advance for your support.

Early School Closure - Friday 28 May 

In school we have started work on getting staff ready to go back into their classrooms. This includes placing significant furniture orders and arranging a deep clean and painting of some classrooms. We really do want students to return to positive learning environments. For this to be possible, this Friday we have an early closure at 12.00pm. This will allow staff further time to prepare classrooms in preparation for students return on Monday 7 June. If parent/carers are unable to make alternative arrangements please contact your child’s Care & Guidance Assistant and arrangements will be made for your child to stay at school until 2.55pm.

I hope the information included in this letter will help you have conversations with your child and as a school we will work with students to make sure they are clear how the school will be operating after half term. This includes on Monday 7 June where we will have an extended Form Time in the morning in order to practice the one-way system with students. If you have any queries or questions relating to this letter please email

One-Way System Route

With very best wishes.

Kind regards,

Mr R Pett