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Year 11 Masterclasses


Subject Topic
History Weimar Republic & Nazi Germany
Philosophy & Ethics Role of Christ in Salvation. The afterlife and judgement
French and Spanish Speaking Practice
  Focus on Paper 1 skills, knowledge & content
English Literature Considering alternative perspectives - critical perspectives
English Literature Talking for writing - discussion to encourage thinking
English Literature Devising a thesis for a literature response and how to support it
English Language Paper 1 Section B - this is how to organise writing - no it isn't!
English Language Paper 1 Section B - Create Drama & Suspense
English Language Paper 2 Section B - Which side are you on?
English Language Paper 1 Section B - how to plan for a response - circular structure - controlling tense of writing
Mathematics Geometry: angles, area, volume, transformations, Pythagoras' Theorem, trigonometry, vectors
Digital Information Component 1: Effective User Interfaces
Sports Studies  
Music Technology  
Fine Art  
Food Technology  
Music Performance  
  1. Cell Biology
  2. Organisation
  3. Infection and Response
  4. Inheritance, variation and evolution
  5. Ecology
  1. Atomic structure and the periodic table
  2. Bonding, structure, and the  properties of matter
  3. Quantitative changes
  4. Energy Changes 
  1. Energy
  2. Electricity
  3. Particle model of matter
  4. Atomic structure