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Modern Foreign Languages


Studying a foreign language is an incredibly rewarding experience and a great confidence booster. Recent studies have found that students who study foreign languages tend to score better on standardised tests, particularly in the categories of maths, reading, grammar, and vocabulary.

The MFL team at Welling consists of teachers with over 60 years collective experience in teaching modern foreign languages. Passionate about the subject and the importance of equipping our young people in a competitive World and job market, we strive to make language learning fun and relevant. We encourage students to continue studying to GCSE and A-Level, enabling them to apply for some of the top universities .Every year we celebrate the European Day of Languages, with cross-curricular activities, quizzes, prizes and European dishes served in the school dining hall.

KS3 - French and Spanish are taught. Lessons are fun and interactive, using songs, films and books. Students perform role-plays, in order to boost their confidence and to encourage speaking in the target language. In year 7 students have the opportunity to go on a day trip to France to further practice their skills. Each year group will study a film in the target language and are encouraged to take part in projects to explore other countries, where the target language is spoken. During year 9, students have the opportunity to study in small groups with a language specialist, further enhancing their speaking skills and preparing the groundwork for GCSE. Students have access to two online programmes; Linguascope and Vocab Express, which they can use from home, in order to reinforce classwork.

KS4 - all students are encouraged to take either French or Spanish GCSE. We follow the AQA examination board. Students make rapid progress throughout years 10 and 11, focusing on the GCSE topics and grammar requirements. Homework is set regularly and students follow the online programme, Vocab Express, to enable them to further improve the quality of their written and spoken work. Lessons are conducted in the target language and students are encouraged to speak the target language, whenever possible. Students also have the opportunity to practice their speaking skills in small group activities with a language specialist.

KS5 - Spanish is taught following the AQA programme. The course is challenging and stimulating and encompasses speaking, listening, writing, reading and translation skills. The programme involves film and book study and students will have the opportunity to participate in an overseas visit.  A modern foreign language A’Level is highly valued at many universities. Even if not directly related to the degree course chosen, the skills required to study advanced modern foreign language are useful and relevant to many other degrees.

How you can support your child

  • Encourage regular sessions of Linguascope and Vocab Express
  • Children should watch target language programmes.
  • Practice on BBC BITESIZE MFL
  • Purchase revision books for GCSE (available at the school)

MFL Study Hub:

Head of Department: Ms Osei-Tutu