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Mathematics contributes to society and to the development and functioning of individuals within it. It is useful in many other areas of learning, in everyday life and at work. We explore mathematical theory in depth whilst also applying it to real-world situations.

The Maths department at Welling aims to provide a challenging and enriching learning experience through high quality teaching which allows pupils to discover and engage in the world of Mathematics. The department has a wealth of experience in mathematics and its practical applications. The Department strive to ensure that pupils leave Welling with outstanding Maths grades and also the Mathematical skills that they will benefit from for the rest of their lives.

At Key Stage 3

The Maths curriculum at KS3 focuses on the extension and development of skills first explored at KS2. Pupils are encouraged to develop and improve their Mathematical reasoning and challenged to apply their Mathematical knowledge to real world examples. Problem solving will form a large part of the curriculum and pupils will be encouraged to use the skills that they have been taught in order to solve problems.

At Key Stage 4

The course followed is the Edexcel Specification with the exams taking place at the end of year 11. The exams consist of three 90 minute exams, two calculator and one non-calculator. The new exam places a greater emphasis on problem-solving and mathematical thinking. Pupils are assessed on their problem solving and the context is increasingly in a real world situation. The content of GCSE Mathematics has been grouped into the topic areas of Number, Algebra, Geometry, Measures, Statistics and Probability.

At Key Stage 5

  • Core Maths - you’ll develop and extend your existing knowledge of topics from GCSE focusing mainly on Algebra, Number, and trigonometry. Additionally, you’ll study new topics including Calculus, Series, Circle Geometry and Logarithms.
  • Mechanics – all students will study topics including Kinematics, Forces, Newton’s Laws of motion and Moments.
  • Statistics – all students will study topics including Sampling, Representing Data, Probability, Statistical Distributions and Hypothesis Testing. In the first year you will study content across Core, Mechanics and Statistics that will be at a standard equivalent to an AS Level.

    In the second year you will study additional content at A2 level across Core, Mechanics and Statistics as well as the original content for AS.


  • MathsWatch - - if you have forgotten your MathsWatch login, please email Ms Fox ( who will issue you a new login.
  • Hegarty Maths -

Head of Department: Mr O'Reilly