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How do I use Google Classroom? | Tech & Learning


All homework is set on Google classrooms by class teachers. Homework is work set outside of lesson time by teachers, to consolidate learning from class or to prepare students for future learning. The frequency of homework your child can expect is as follows:

Key Stage 3

Frequency Subject        
Every Week English Mathematics Science History Geography
Every Two Weeks PE Art Computer Science Music/Drama MFL

Key Stage 4

Frequency Subject        
Every Week English Mathematics Science MFL Geography/History

*Please note key stage 5 students will receive 5 hours of homework per subject each week.

Students are expected to complete their homework and meet the deadlines set by class teachers to ensure they can receive feedback. Any sanctions for missed homework will be logged on Bromcom.

Home learning 

Home learning is completed remotely at home, due to absences relating to COVID-19 or attendance reasons. This will support their return to class and ensure they do not miss out on learning. Teachers will upload the resources for their lessons each day they. This also enables you to support your child's learning at home. In addition, students have resources available to them, so they can: revisit prior learning, revise, prepare for assessments and support completion of homework.


Google Classroom

Google Classroom allows teachers to post announcements, assignments, ask questions and share resources. 


Should your child need support or have any queries they will be able to contact their subject teacher via Google Classroom.

All school work is set on Google Classroom

Step by step guide to using Google Classroom:

  1. Type in ‘Google Classroom’ into your web browser and follow the link to sign in.

You can also download the Google Classroom app.

       2. Sign in with your child’s school email address and click next.

The email address will be similar to this example:



The number at the beginning of student emails (from September 2022), will be:

Year Group

Email Format (Example)

22 for year 7
21 for year 8
20 for year 9
19 for year 10
18 for year 11
17 for year 12
16 for year 13

If your child is having difficulties accessing Google Classroom, please email for support.

Useful Links:

Click HERE for Google Classroom

Click HERE for Google Mail