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How do I use Google Classroom? | Tech & Learning

Google Classroom

Google Classroom allows teachers to post announcements, assignments, ask questions and share resources. 

Teachers are available and are communicating with students, via Google Classroom, to provide clear instructions on lessons. You can be assured that when your child uploads completed work, their subject teacher will set new assignments for them to complete. Should your child need support or have any queries they will be able to contact their subject teacher via Google Classroom.

All school work is set on Google Classroom

Step by step guide to using Google Classroom:

  1. Type in ‘Google Classroom’ into your web browser and follow the link to sign in.

You can also download the Google Classroom app.

       2. Sign in with your child’s school email address and click next.

The email address will be similar to this example:

The number at the beginning of student emails will be:

Year Group

Email Format (Example)

21 for year 7
20 for year 8
19 for year 9
18 for year 10
17 for year 11
16 for year 12
15 for year 13

If your child is having difficulties accessing Google Classroom, please email for support.

Useful Links:

Click HERE for Google Classroom

Click HERE for Google Mail