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Curriculum Ambition

Please Note: Our Curriculum for 2021 and beyond is being revised and reviewed to support a recovery curriculum



"Building successful futures"

A successful Welling student is:

  • Ambitious and aspirational in their pursuit of happiness

  • Is kind to others, values equality and diversity, and articulates and respects different points of view
  • Is active and open-minded in their desire for new opportunities that society and the wider world has to offer

"We are ambitious, kind and active"


Curriculum Ambition

Welling school has developed a curriculum that equips learners with a broad spectrum of knowledge, understanding and key skills needed to succeed in, and contribute to an ever changing and diverse world. Each subject develops its own mastery through interleaved opportunities for development of key skills and broad knowledge and understanding in order to foster ambitious and aspirational learners. Our learning journeys build students' capacity to recall and apply their knowledge, understanding and skills to progressively more difficult content. The school’s co-curricular provision provides the cultural capital that gives students the desire to be successful, whatever their starting point.