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6th Form Student Leadership Team

Luke Clary

I’ve been at Welling School since Year 7 and now I am in Year 13. I am currently studying A-Level Chemistry, Photography and  AS French.

I am keen on making positive changes within the Welling School Community. My best skills are my organisation and punctuality, I enjoy public speaking and am looking forward to speaking to you in assemblies and at events. 

I currently volunteer at a photography charity that provides workshops for disadvantaged people as well as being an ambassador for Eye4Change. 

As part of the student leadership team I want to give back to the school all of the support and encouragement that they have given me, I hope to do this through helping out at extra curricular clubs.    

My future aspirations are to go to university and study Photography at degree level. 

Elizabeth Ellison

I joined Welling School as an external student. I am currently studying Psychology, Criminology and Health and Social Care. I am passionate about helping people and as Head Girl I hope to be involved in providing a number of opportunities to other students. 

My best skills include resilience, organization, leadership and I am a tad bit of a perfectionist! As an ambassador for Social Science I have been involved in helping the new Year 12s settle into their subjects. 

I am looking to volunteer for the NHS in order to gain work experience in the health industry because I am hoping to pursue a career in medicine someday. 

David Fathers

I am currently studying my A-Levels in English Language, Sociology and Psychology. 

For me being a head student means I can be a role model to all students but I can also be somebody you can come and talk to and relate to. 

I have been very welcoming of the new students that have joined Welling School, whether that be in Year 12 or Year 7 I am a friendly and approachable person who is able to get along with anyone. 

I have volunteered during the pandemic by delivering food parcels to vulnerable people. 

My ambition after sixth form is to go on to university. 

Jeyanathan Jeyanthan 

I am currently studying A-Level Spanish, Maths and Chemistry.

My reason for taking on the role of head student is because I enjoy helping people. Since year 9 I have always looked forward to and enjoyed participating in the open days. 

I have been an anti-bullying ambassador and this has moulded me into becoming a voice for students that don’t feel comfortable to speak out. 

I have been a volunteer for the British Heart Foundation and I learned a lot from the experience. In the future I hope to attend university. 

Katy Jordan 

I am a confident, committed and approachable student and I hope to be working with a lot of you over the next year. I am currently studying Psychology, Criminology and Health and Social Care. 

For me I have always been a hard worker, and dedicated to my learning. I hope to be able to use these skills to support Year 11 as they prepare for their GCSEs and also I want to help Year 9 when choosing their GCSE options. 

I am passionate about charity work, I have raised money through sponsored horse rides and recently I have been volunteering at a local hospice.

I am applying to attend university when I leave 6th Form and I hope to have a career with the health industry in the future, either in Psychology, paramedic science or midwifery. 

Shani Obinyan 

I have been at Welling School since Year 7. I am currently studying Music Performance, Music Technology and Drama. My passion is performing, and I hope to continue studying Music performance at University. 

My reason for being a student leader is because it is important to have that person between the students and the teachers, and that’s what I aspire to be. However big a problem, it can always be resolved by talking to someone. 

During my time at Welling School, I’ve always been involved in various things from school productions to Sports Days and I hope to be involved again this year!