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6th Form Leadership Team

Francesca Jones - Head Girl

My journey at Welling School started in September 2014, and started Sixth form last year. I currently study A levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths and hope to complete an EPQ soon.  Whilst my experience at Sixth form so far has been quite different to those before me- I still feel I have managed to fully engage in Sixth Form life, by meeting new people, taking part in events and building up my character.

Throughout my years at Welling, I have received continuous support from teachers, which have enabled me to progress significantly in my subjects.  This meant that by year 11 I could proudly say I had exceeded my target grades and got the GCSE results I wanted, allowing me to secure my place at sixth form. 

I was inspired by my science and maths teachers at GCSE, who pushed me to achieve the grades I didn’t think I would get.  This was one of the reasons why I chose Biology, Chemistry and Maths, their in depth knowledge of their subjects was what encouraged me to decide to go to university. 

As I’m approaching the end of my journey at Welling, I am preparing to go to University where I hope to study Maths and economics and go into the finance field when I’m older.

My experience at Welling Sixth Form, and my school journey as a whole has been enjoyable and rewarding, and I look forward to finishing my time here. 

David Harris - Head Boy

When I was asked who my inspiration was, I couldn't decide. I sat here for ages thinking of different people for different reasons until I came to the decision that I don't just have one inspiration. 

My first inspiration is Robin Williams, possibly the best actor to ever live. He had (and still has) the ability to put a smile on peoples faces just by being himself and trying to make people laugh which is what I try my best to do whenever I can. The next is Elvis Presley. Elvis never took anything for granted, always used his fame for good use and had the best style to ever exist, try changing my mind... I dare you!! My final inspiration is my Nan, she always put on a brave face, was always there to talk to and helped me find my sense of humour. 

Being part of Welling School for 7 years now I have created many memories and many experiences. The best experiences are break and lunch spending time with my friends (cliche I know). I say this because break and lunch times really helped me gain confidence because I was meeting new people and making new friendships. Another great experience is the general excitement for what the school day will bring. Everyday would be different in welling school, you could have the same lesson 3 days in a row but each lesson will be different and looking back at the previous years that's what I cherish the most. Whether it was because of a teacher, the lesson or a topic being taught in that lesson i would always have something to look forward to and that's what made Welling School a fantastic experience. 

My plans after I leave Welling School are to go to university to study drama. I hope to one day be sitting on the Graham Norton show (or the Jonathan Ross show if I must) talking about how I was once Head Boy talking about wanting to be on the Graham Norton show. 

Summer Bailey - Deputy Head Girl

I've been on a 7 year journey with Welling School from 2014 to 2021. I'm in my last year of Welling School and it has taught me alot and made me become the person I am today. I decided to stay on at Welling School as it has become the place I know and have got used to over the years. My subjects i do are Drama, Financial Studies and Health and Social Care In sixth form, I have been encouraged to explore outside of my comfort zone and try new things. Through the 2 years I have made some incredible friendships that come with memories not with just my peers but with Miss Humphrey and Mrs Henry and the rest of my teachers and others around school. My experience in sixth form has been a journey itself, you always have bad days but going into sixth form there are always people around you to pick you back up and teachers are always there to help you with subjects if you are struggling. 

My main inspiration came from my former science teacher Mrs Aderanti, she taught me through some of my years at Welling School. Through the years of me seeing her in her classroom she had taught me more about myself than I would have ever realised. She helped me grow as a person and encouraged me to reach my full potential. Her positivity was contagious and I gained so much confidence and knowledge from her that I can use when I leave year 13. That is one of the benefits of Welling Sixth form, you gain these close relationships with the teachers that are able to teach you a lot about the real world. 

My future pathway when I leave school is to attend University and study a degree in education.. My long term goals are to explore the world and gain more skills independently and do charity work in other countries to help educate not only others but also myself. I hope to be successful in my progression and live an amazing and healthy life surrounded by my loved ones. I want to be able to inspire others around and encourage them to explore outside their comfort zone and show that it will give them more opportunities and options in whatever paths they can go to.

Libby Sheehey-Jenkins - Deputy Head Girl

I joined Welling School in 2019 as a year 12 student, since joining I have had countless amounts of support from teachers and my fellow classmates from getting around the school to revision techniques. Welling 6th form has been an inclusive and welcoming environment to join into and I believe it has helped with my personal growth as a young adult. My inspiration is my Mum as she is hardworking and has always supported me throughout my studies and wacky moments in and out of school. In the future I wish to study Law at University and potentially do a year abroad as it gives me a wide range of opportunities to develop new skills such as learn a foreign language as well as how their legal system works but also to explore the aspects of human life in a different culture to my own. 


May Metwaly - Deputy Head Girl

So far, for seven years now I have been at the Welling School, and for me it was one of the best. Over these years , I learned that nothing stays the same, for example, the big group you had will disappear when you leave Year 11 and then you will come out after sixth form with one or 3 friends if you are lucky.

I am studying Applied Science, Business Studies, Media Studies, and EPQ at the moment. I enjoy investigating these topics. It's going to help me launch my degree in civil engineering at university. 

I enjoy spending time with friends and family, especially going with my friends to new places. I like to stay up to date with current social problems, and this made me do my EPQ on 'What Are The Reasons For The Gender Balance In Engineering And Should We Fix It?’ And I enjoy studying this topic very much. And I enjoy studying this topic very much, which has recently become a popular discussion in the engineering community. I love writing quotations in Arabic and English in my spare time about various issues that are taking place in the world. My favourite quote I have wrote so far is ‘Do not try to convince the cow that the banana is more delicious than the clover. But, try to convince yourself that you have nothing to do with what the cow loves!’