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6th Form Leadership Team

Meet the 6th Form Leadership Team 2018

web charlotte pullenCharlotte Pullen – Head Girl

My form tutor inspires me every day by making me aware of future opportunities allowing me to grow as a person. Her positivity and optimism encourages me to reach my full potential. After Sixth Form I would like to go to University and study Primary Teaching, possibly with an English specialism. In a few years’ time I would have liked to travel somewhere independently, the dream is Australia! I hope to be successful in my progression and to have a happy and healthy life surrounded by loved ones. I also wish to inspire others. Marlin from ‘Finding Nemo’ who leaves his comfort zone and never gives up in the search for his son is my kind of hero. One of my favourite quotes from the film is ‘Just keep swimming’.


web connor leggeConnor Legge – Head Boy

My main inspiration is the late Stephen Hawking, who never let anything get in his way to achieve his goals and aspirations. I would like to see  myself at University, after completing Sixth Form, following a Scientific pathway.

My hope is that in the future I will be able to inspire others and help them gain confidence and knowledge, so they may be able to inspire their peers. Dr Martin Deahl, who was a voluntary consultant during the Ebola crisis, is a real super hero in my eyes.



web aimee de ste croixAimee De Ste Croix – Deputy Head Girl

My main inspiration is my mum, because she is the strongest person I know and supports me in all of my endeavours. In a few years’ time I see myself at University studying veterinary medicine and further developing my love for the field. In the future I wish to be a qualified veterinary surgeon, this has been an ambition from the age of 6, therefore I would truly be living my childhood dream. Although not a traditional superhero Dr Noel Fitzpatrick is my idea of one. He is a pioneer in veterinary medicine and gives a voice to those that do not have one.



web jake drapperJake Drapper – Deputy Head Boy

In school and out my main inspirer would be Albert Einstein, as he was not only an academic genius, but also a peoples' champion and led campaigns for a more peaceful world. I hope to go on to study Forensic Psychology at University after Sixth Form. I would see future success measured by how much I have been able to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Professor X has to be my favourite superhero, he is selfless and loved by those he teaches, those who were classed as different, he used his power to teach not control.



web ellie willsEllie Wills – Student Leader

I’ve had many inspirations in my life, too many to count. One of the biggest recently has been my late Aunt, her children and husband. They faced a great battle with cancer, the strength of that family astounds me and I want to become a strong and charitable person in memory of my aunt and in support of her family. I want to change Welling for the better and I’ll dedicate myself to that purpose in return for everything it has given me. I hope to be successful in my application to Cambridge University and study either English or History. Beyond University.  Being a novelist would be nice and perhaps being able to sustain a lifestyle for my Art, in all honesty I’m not sure. But I am sure that I want to be a person that inspires people and create something of a legacy that surpasses me. My superhero isn’t even a superhero, it has to be Ayano Tateyama from Mekakucity Actors. She plays heroes with her adoptive siblings and would always wear a smile to her friends, despite her own troubles. She’s a kid who cares for her family and friends and sacrifices herself for her wish for them to be happy. If you see me with my lanyard, you’ll find a little figure of her on it, to remind me of these values.