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TikTok School Protests

You may be aware that there is a social media trend, which has emerged over the last week or so, for students to conduct ‘protests’ in their school. The subject of the protests has focused on uniform expectations and other rules or standards that students are not happy about. There are around 700 schools nationally that have featured on the social media platform tiktok which is where this comes from.

A small number of students arrived at school this morning attempting to stage a ‘protest’ by wearing items of uniform that are not permitted and presenting defiant behaviour with staff and in some cases their own parents.

Although extremely disruptive to the start of the day and totally unacceptable, the situation was swiftly dealt with and by 9.30am students involved had been isolated, removed from the school and have since been suspended. All lessons were visited by senior leaders to reassure students and also check uniform compliance. I am pleased that in every classroom we visited we found the orderly environment we would expect and students engaged in their learning. This is how I expect the school to be.

I am absolutely clear that the school will not be disrupted by deliberate acts that set out to undermine standards and expectations. I must ask that you speak with your child and ensure that they understand that if there is a repeat of this behaviour I will respond by using the full weight of our behaviour policy. I will not expect staff to spend time doing detailed investigations or ask many questions. I will just need to make a firm and quick decision about their place at Welling School.

The place for students to express their views is through the school council, the regular questionnaires we use to get their feedback or by speaking with school staff

Although I am talking about a small group of students, I have written to all families so that you and your child can be reassured that their learning and good behaviour will always be protected.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further then please get in touch.

Yours faithfully

Daniel Hatley