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October School Updates

Firstly, we would like to thank you again for your continued support during what has been an extraordinary few weeks at school. We set ourselves the target of having bubble routines and processes well established by the end of September and we have managed to do this successfully thanks to the hard work and support of every member of our school community. Our students have also adapted well to the new arrangements and routines and we are proud of the resilience that they have shown since the start of term.

As this school year progresses we will be sharing with parent/carers regular updates of what has been happening. These are some of the events that have been taking place over the last few weeks.

Welling School Promotional Video 2020
Yesterday, we published our promotional video on our website to show prospective students, parents and carers a glimpse of what Welling School is like. Usually, we welcome visitors for tours of the school during a school morning for them to gain an insight into a typical school day but unfortunately we have been unable to host these events so this video helps to showcase our vibrant school community. Thanks to all of the students and staff who took part and a reminder that if you have a son or daughter in Year 6, you can find out about the information we have shared here.
                                                                      Academic News
We are delighted that our students have returned to their learning in such a positive manner. We have hit the ground running and are working to fill those gaps in knowledge from last year and to have every student moving swiftly through this year’s curriculum, so no student gets left behind. Our focus remains on Year 11 and 13, with final exams at the end of this academic year, with vocational assessment windows throughout. Having excellent attendance is especially important to make sure no vital learning is missed.
By the end of this half term every student in every year group will have sat a ‘checking-point’ assessment. These will provide us valuable information about what we need to do to support learning further into the next half-term.
Google Classrooms for Homework
Google classroom is our online homework provision. Students should all have logged into each classroom for every subject they study. Homework is varied and includes: videos, quizzes and QA responses. Google classroom codes will be accessible from our school website from half-term and are available now directly from subject teachers. For support with accessing Google Classroom, please see this tutorial. Should your child have issues accessing their Welling School email address, please contact .
                                                          Personal Development News
Attendance - Club 96

Obviously we’d really like you to be here 100% of the time, every single day and for most of you that’s your aim – 100% is the best of the best after all, but… everyone gets ill sometimes, or injured, or something happens that is genuinely outside of our control. You have a day off and unfortunately your chance of 100% goes out the window.
96% is a realistic, achievable attendance target and is the minimum we expect of you. 96% means no more than 7 days off per year – which is plenty! Each student will remain in the 96 club as long as their potential end of year attendance is above 96%. At milestones throughout the year, prizes will be given to those who are still in the club.
Please speak to your tutor for further details of the prizes.
ClassCharts Rewards Shop
Due to the school closure in March, some students may have missed out on the opportunity to use their reward points to order items from the Rewards Shop and to receive their badges for milestone points. We would like to give students the opportunity to purchase items before their spendable points are reset.
There is a limited stock of each item and so it will operate on a first come, first served basis. Once items are out of stock they will not be replaced until the Rewards Shop reopens on 2 November. Any students that achieved their bronze, silver or gold badge during the school closure will also receive this during the coming weeks.
                                                             Co-Curricular News
Black History Month

To celebrate Black History month we are placing more focus than we ever have to take advantage of the changing popular debate in the country. The whole school will see the BHM assembly written and presented by the Active Citizenship school co-ordinator Mr Conway and be directed to four tutor time activity presentations in the Current Affairs dedicated slot. Part of that programme will include an open call to all students to produce work of a cross curricular nature, to be collated for a future presentation. The History department will be drawing attention to black historical figures throughout the month and will work towards a directed study at the end of the month.

The Art department are also organising an exhibition of work from Year 7 to Year 13 to celebrate black icons. We intend this to be both the start of an ongoing celebration of Black history and achievement and a declaration of our intent to celebrate and champion all members of our community, linking to next year's International Women's Day Celebration.
#HelloYellow for Mental Health
Tomorrow, Friday, 9th October, Year 7 and 6th form are are taking part in the #HelloYellow event to show young people that they’re not alone with their mental health and to raise vital funds for the YoungMinds charity.
We’ve all been going through a difficult time, so wearing yellow is a way for Year 7s and our 6th Form students to show solidarity with young people and helping them know they’re not alone. We are not accepting cash donations and we have therefore created a fundraising page for students and parents/carers to make a donation to Young Minds. If you'd like to make a donation, please follow this link: