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Letter to Parents: Extreme Weather - Reduced School Day

As we are all aware, we are experiencing unusually warm weather conditions that are already impacting  significantly on schools. We have conducted a study this week to monitor the average temperatures of  classrooms compared to the outside temperature. In all areas of the school the indoor temperature is  significantly higher than the outside temperature and in some rooms is in excess of 10 degrees higher. With temperatures set to rise to the range of 38-40 degrees in the early part of next week we need to make  significant adjustments to our provision. 

From Monday we will be operating a reduced timetable that will be in place until the end of term (Thursday  21 July). This means: 

∙ School will start at the later time of 9.00am 

∙ We will operate 3 lessons of 45 minutes in length to reduce the amount of time students are in  classrooms 

∙ The school day will end at 12.00pm 

∙ When attending school, students should wear their usual uniform or are welcome to wear their PE kit  (not casual shorts and t-shirt) 

The school day:






Registration in  

tutor groups

Late marks will only be issued after 9.15am to enable longer  travel time if needed.



Period 1

Usual timetabled subjects



Period 2



Break time 

Students will be able to access a hot food service. Those in  receipt of free school meals can spend their lunch allowance.



Period 3 

Usual timetabled subjects


Students dismissed



Our whole school sports day scheduled for Wednesday 20 July will now be in the autumn term. Students and  staff have put a lot of effort into preparing this event and we are committed to it going ahead. More details  of this rescheduled event will follow in September. 

We strongly advise all students to apply adequate sun-protection and to bring bottled water to school. 

The planned celebration event for our 100% attendance achievers will also now take place in the Autumn  term. 

I am aware that for some younger students returning home early next week may present some problems. If  you are concerned about this and would like to discuss this, please email the relevant member of our Care  and Guidance team who will be in touch first thing on Monday. 

Year 7: 

Year 8: 

Year 9: lisa.o’ 

Our overarching priority must be around the safety of our students and staff. These amendments will mean  we make best use of the coolest parts of the day and make travelling to and from school as easy as possible. I  hope you are able to understand the late notice of this decision and thank you as usual for your support which  is always appreciated. 

Yours faithfully 

Daniel Hatley 

Executive Headteacher