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Letter to Year 7 Parents - Books

I am delighted to write to you to inform you that your child will be taking their books home from Monday 20 June. This is an important milestone in our journey to improve the quality of education at Welling School. Moving forward it is important that our students take responsibility for their learning and use their books to discuss their learning with you. As a school we would like to encourage you to look at your child’s books and support their learning journey. Parents are encouraged to comment in the book or contact the relevant teacher to discuss any questions they may have.

In September students will receive a planner so that homework and timetables can be recorded and seen by you. It will also be another way for you to communicate with your child’s form tutor alongside the two email addresses below:

Since we have returned from the pandemic the number of students without school bags, and in many cases pens, has increased significantly. It is important that your child has an appropriate bag and the correct equipment to ensure they can take their books home and keep them secure. Equally important is the support from home to prepare your child for learning every day. Below are ways you can encourage your child to be responsible and prepared for school each day:

  • Allocate your child a space or a box to store their school equipment within the home.
  • When your child returns from school each day, encourage them to empty their school bag contents tidily into their assigned space or box.
  • When your child has completed their homework/revision, encourage your child to use their timetable which can be found on My Child at School (MCAS), to pack their bag for the next day. Doing this the day before they leave for school will reduce the need to rush the next morning. This is when students are most likely to forget what they need.
  • Where possible, you should check your child's bag to ensure they have the right books and writing equipment to be able to participate in their lessons.
  • Encourage your child to pack a bottle of water to keep hydrated throughout the day. Hydrated brains learn better!

Working together will mean that every child at Welling school, regardless of their starting point, can be kind, active and ambitious. We want to encourage these attributes in a no excuses culture to create a culture of aspiration where every child experiences success.

Thank you for your continued support so we can ensure the very best for our students.

Yours faithfully,

Miss J Sangster