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Ben Jay Charity Fundraising Day at Welling School - 11 February 2022

I am writing to share with you that Friday 11 February was a very special day in our school, where we celebrated the life of Ben Jay. Throughout the day we were fundraising as a school community to support Ben’s family.

I was completely overwhelmed by the support of students, staff and families. From the non-school uniform day alone we raised over £1900. When combined with the money raised from the break time sweet sale - £300, the charity football match - £500 and some added fundraising during half term - £450, the total amount raised was just over £3200. We have never raised this amount of money during a one day fundraising event and I would like to thank everybody for their support and generosity.

Some of the money raised will be used to keep Ben’s memory alive. The school has purchased the Ben Jay Cup and a game will be played each year just before the February half term between Year 11 and our 6th Form. This year's game was fiercely contested but also played in good spirits and was a close affair. The Year 11’s won the cup 5-4 which was watched by close to 500 people. This included students, staff, ex-students and ex-staff who wanted to pay their respects. The minute applause at the start of the game was very emotional and was executed perfectly. Ben’s father and brother were at the game and presented the trophy to the winning side.

We plan to donate the remaining proceeds from the day to Ben’s family to help them keep the memory of Ben alive in the way they best deem fit

Once again, many thanks for all your support and generosity,

Yours faithfully,

Mr J Brown