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School Closure - Year 9

Further to Mr Pett’s letter of 27 January I would like to update you on the latest developments in terms of COVID-19 cases here at school and how this will affect arrangements for students in Year 7 and Year 9 returning to face-to-face education.

The situation with staff absence due to COVID-19 remains challenging and as a school we have to consider both our ability to provide an adult for every timetabled lesson, along with our ability to manage the school site so that it remains safe for our students during unstructured time, for example adequate supervision during break and lunchtime, and in the event of an emergency.

I would like to thank you all for your support and understanding in what continues to be difficult and frustrating circumstances for us all.

We currently have approximately 25% of staff either unwell or instructed to isolate. We have recorded 201 cases of COVID since we returned to school in January. Although the actual staff affected has obviously changed over the past few weeks, unfortunately the numbers remain high and have not reduced over this week. As you can imagine this poses significant issues to the school in doing the best we can for our students and families.

We are in a position for Year 7 students to return to on-site education tomorrow 3 February. Unfortunately we must ask students in Year 9 to remain studying online and at home for another day - we hope to be able to have them back in school on Friday and will confirm this by lunchtime tomorrow.

Please be assured that we are in daily contact with Public Health England and all measures taken by the school are either suggested or endorsed by them along with senior staff at TKAT. The decision to educate groups of pupils remotely is taken very seriously and is always a last resort.

If you have any questions or concerns about the arrangements in place or would like to gain a better understanding of the COVID-19 rules which govern our decision-making, please do not hesitate to contact us on and a member of staff will be in touch.

Kind regards,

Mr P Hemsley