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Spring Term Update

RE: Spring Term Update

It has been great to have all students back in school and whilst I know many students would rather not be  wearing a facemask all day, their understanding and compliance makes it much easier for staff to focus on  their primary purpose. We are clear that our primary purpose is to ensure that all students are able to learn  and in the process catch up on lost learning. We are also clear that all students need to feel safe and  supported at all times. Whilst we should recognise the challenges that young people have faced throughout  the pandemic we cannot allow these circumstances to dictate how we want our school to run or use them  as an excuse to lower standards. Throughout the Autumn Term we worked hard to ensure students  re-engaged with their learning. We are pleased that the majority of students are working with their teachers  to better themselves and ultimately build successful futures.

However, there is a minority of students who continue to struggle, even with additional support provided.  We cannot allow the current situation to continue, both for these individuals and also for the wider school  community. Therefore, we have recruited three additional members of staff who make up our newly  formed Behaviour and Engagement Team. Working directly with Mr Hemsley, Deputy Headteacher, they  have a remit to ensure standards of behaviour across the school remain high and they will monitor and  support individual students who need to re-engage with their learning. The important work of this team  will benefit all students and I encourage parent/carers to work with the school if you are contacted by a  member of this team. In assemblies next week the Behaviour and Engagement Team will be introduced to  each year group along with some key expectations. Mr Hemsley will send out a further letter about this.

Adjustments to the Senior Leadership Team

We have made some adjustments to the Senior Team with the retirement of Ms Major as Deputy  Headteacher. Moving forward we have two Deputy Headteachers. Mr Hemsley is responsible for all  student matters and Ms Sangster is responsible for all staffing matters. Mr Sanghera, Assistant  Headteacher, has assumed responsibility for KS5, alongside KS4. Mr Roberts, Raising Standards Lead and I  are now leading on preparing Year 11s and Year 13s for their exams in the summer. Year 11 parent/carers  have received an update regarding the Pre Public Exams (PPEs) that start today and Year 13 parent/carers  will receive communication about their PPEs which start at the end of January.

New Staff to Welling School

In January the following staff joined Welling School:

David Mansell - Head of Department, Performing Arts

Ras Nagra – Teacher of Maths

Fitzroy McKie – Teacher of Music

Victoria Oluwafemi – Teacher of Science

Richard Gibbons – Behaviour and Engagement Intervention Officer

Dudley Murdock – Behaviour and Engagement Intervention Officer

Philip Ringshall - Academic Tutor

Daniel 0shinyemi - Science Tutor

Development of Curriculum Resources

We have been developing the curriculum information available to students and parent/carers on our  website. Our very best students are able to continue their learning outside of lessons and we also know the  positive benefits when parent/carers can have conversations about what their child is studying. In order to  help these conversations we have created some new content on our website. This information can be found  under ‘Curriculum and Learning’. When you click on this tab it will give you an option called ‘Curriculum by  Subject’. Scroll down and you will find links that take you to each subject area. Included is a Curriculum  Overview for each subject that outlines what your child will be studying and when each topic will be taught.

School Timetable

Over the Christmas break we took the decision to rewrite the KS3 timetable. The reason behind this was to  try and reduce the number of different teachers students had. Due to these changes, there was work to do  in Google Classroom and new class codes should have now been reassigned. Students are also having to  familiarise themselves with a new timetable.

Term Dates - 2022-2023

These are being finalised and will be shared next week.

Additional Bank Holiday

In Lieu of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee there is an additional Bank Holiday this year on Thursday 2 June.  Schools are entitled to take this additional Bank Holiday therefore we will be taking this on Friday 22 July.  This means that the end of term will now be Thursday 21 July.

If you have any further queries regarding the contents of this letter, please email enquiries@wellingschool and your message will be forwarded on to the relevant staff member to respond. Thank you for  your continued support.

With very best wishes.

Yours faithfully

Mr R Pett