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On-site 2nd COVID-19 Vaccination For Students Aged 12 – 15 years

Dear Parent/Carer

2nd Covid-19 Vaccination For Students Aged 12 – 15 Years

Earlier today I communicated to all parent/carers that on Wednesday 12 January the school will be hosting  a nursing team that will be delivering the second Covid-19 injection to eligible students. It was my intention  to write to you tomorrow however, we have now been provided with additional information that can now  be sent out.

To confirm the school will be open as normal and when students are not having their vaccination, they will  be in lessons as normal. The plan is to vaccinate students one year group at a time. As before, Welling  School staff are not directly involved in the administration of the vaccination. This is being carried out by  trained medical practitioners. Our role is to provide a suitable venue and help supervise students.

Below & attached is a letter from the vaccination team. There is a link to an electronic consent form that  parent/carers must fill out again if they want their child to have their second vaccination. On the day a  child will not be able to choose to have their second vaccination if their parent/carers have not given  consent via the online form.

The school is not in a position to advise about the vaccination. However, the NHS have asked that in  addition to the letter that we also share with you a list of frequently asked questions.

With very best wishes.

Yours faithfully

Mr R Pett



COVID-19 Vaccination for children and young people 12 – 15yrs

Dear Parents, Guardians and Pupils, 

A second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine is now being recommended for all children  aged 12-15 years old at a minimum of 12 weeks from the first dose. Your child may have already received their first dose as part of the schools vaccination programme or a local vaccination centre. 

Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust are working with Bexley borough to provide second  dose vaccinations to eligible students in various locations, both in and out of the school setting,  giving maximum flexibility for access. We will also be offering first dose vaccinations to any eligible  students. 

We have attached some frequently asked questions that you might find useful. Please discuss the  vaccination with your child, and if you wish to proceed, please complete an electronic consent form  via this link:

NOTE: No vaccination will be given without explicit parental consent. 

Records will be subsequently updated to include proof of vaccination. If you wish to discuss the  vaccination with a member of the GSTT COVID-19 Vaccination team, please send us an email at

Yours sincerely, 

Jo Turville 

Director of Operations, 

COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

COVID-19 vaccination for children and young people aged 12 to 15 years  Frequently asked questions 

Which vaccine is being administered? 

In line with current guidance, young people between the ages of 12 and 15 are being offered two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, spaced 12 weeks apart (unless your child is clinically extremely vulnerable, then the 2nd dose can  be offered after 8 weeks). 

How safe is the COVID-19 vaccine for children? 

The independent Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) conducted an extensive  review of the safety, quality and effectiveness of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine in children aged 12-15 and  determined it to be very effective. 

What side effects might my child experience? 

Most side effects are mild and should only last 1-2 days, including: a sore arm around the injection site, fatigue,  headache, other body aches, flu-like symptoms such as chills. If your child has a history of allergic reactions,  they will be observed for 15 minutes after having the vaccine (it’s very rare to have a serious allergic reaction to  the vaccine, and if one does occur it will be within minutes). For a full-list of side effects, please refer to the  information leaflets that will be provided on the vaccination day. 

When will my child be vaccinated? 

GSTT (Guy’s & St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust) is planning a programme of return visits to schools  commencing the week of 10 January 2022 across the Bexley borough. Schools will communicate with  parents, carers and young people directly when dates are confirmed. 

What if my child is unable to have the vaccine on the day? Are there any mop-up options?  COVID-19 vaccine appointments can always be made at St. Thomas’ Hospital in South East London  by emailing or telephoning 02071884040. Alternative options  that are local to Bexley will be shared in due course. 

Why wasn’t my child vaccinated when the team came to the school? 

Common reasons why pupils do not receive the vaccination during our visit include: consent was submitted too  late and we were not able to pick it up on the day, the child is younger than 12 years old, the child was positive  for COVID-19 in the last 12 weeks and/or the child was not eligible for their vaccine per the approved clinical  timeline. 

My child has tested positive for COVID-19, can they be vaccinated? 

In line with current guidance, the interval between a positive COVID-19 test and a COVID-19  vaccination should be 12 weeks. 

What about those young people who are 11 or nearly 16? 

We are only able to vaccinate children who are 12 years of age or older. There will be provision for those  pupils soon to turn 12 years to be vaccinated as part of the programme - we will be reviewing follow up visits  accordingly. Otherwise, they should consider booking an alternative appointment at a local centre upon their  12th birthday. We are able to vaccinate 16 and 17 year old students; however, these pupils will be treated as  adults. 

05 January 2022 

The online form isn’t working, what can I do? 

The school shares a letter with parents, within which is a link to our electronic consent form. If you are unable  to open the link, hold the ‘ctrl’ key on your keyboard and click on the link to open. Alternatively, try copying  and pasting the link into a browser. If you are still unable to access the link, please email for help.

I’ve made a mistake on the form, what should I do? 

Please submit a new form with the correct details. 

I do not consent – do I have to fill in the form? 

Only young people with parental consent will be offered a vaccination in schools. If you do not consent, you do  not need to submit a form. 

We have changed our minds about consent 

If you wish to change consent status, please submit a new form and contact us by email on with ‘consent withdrawn’ in the subject line giving  details of your child / school in the email message. Please note that we prepare for visits to schools in  advance and are unable to process last minute changes automatically.