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Early School Closure - Tuesday 21 December

In light of the continued unstable staffing picture and the significant increases in Covid-19 cases we continue to see each day, the decision has been taken to close the school and move to online learning for the whole school community on Tuesday 21 December. As Tuesday is the last day of term it is scheduled to be a half day with students finishing after period 3 (12.30pm). We have also seen that a number of our families have taken the decision to not send their child into school today and tomorrow and so taking this step should mean that more students are able to access their learning whilst also limiting the risk to the school community.  Unfortunately due to staff absence not all lessons will have a 'live' teaching element but via Google Classroom class students should follow their normal timetable and complete work set.

Plans for our return in January will be sent out later this afternoon.

Yours faithfully,

R Pett