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Lunchtime arrangements from September 2020

I write to you to confirm the arrangements for school meals at Welling School from Monday 7 September 2020. I recognise this is late communication with you and wish to apologise for both the delay and any confusion that has been caused...

Lunchtime Arrangements

As outlined in my previous two letters, year groups will be zoned within the school so that students have access to a minimal number of classrooms. To continue with this student separation, break and lunch times will be staggered and students will be separated into zoned year group areas and use of communal areas will be strictly controlled. Canteen food will only be available at lunchtime. Students will need to pre-order food and drink which will be ready to collect or delivered to zones at lunchtime. Details of how to order is outlined below. Students eligible for Free School Meals will return to having their lunch at school and will no longer receive food vouchers.

Ordering Lunches

In line with the school's Covid-19 plan, and as outlined above, school lunches will be made by Chartwells each day on a pre-order and collection basis. Orders can either be placed daily or for multiple days in advance, however any meals ordered on the day must be placed by 9.15am allowing the canteen time to prepare the food.

To place an order, parents should use the following link to access the School Meal website: On this website parents are able to order food for their child by clicking on the appropriate date and selecting food items.

The price of each item is listed. The school is not able to accept cash payments on the day for food, and onsite coin-loaders will not be in use for the foreseeable future; accounts must therefore be credited directly on the students' online Parent Pay platform.

Please note, parent/carers must ensure that their online Parent Pay account has been 'topped up' appropriately so that Chartwells can take payment for any orders of food that have been made.

Students will not be able to receive their order if the Parent Pay account does not have the correct level of funds to cover the cost of food. The school will be more flexible on Monday as I appreciate there are steps in this letter that parent/carers will need to action in time for Monday morning. We will also use the extended form time on Monday to explain how the new system works and over the course of the day will resolve any issues that arise.

Free School Meals (FSM)

Students who are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) must also place their food order via the School Meal website, by selecting the appropriate date in the FSM list. FSM children are able to access a daily packed lunch offer, which includes a selection of Sandwiches, Snacks, pieces of fruit, and a drink.


In order to comply with Covid-19 health and safety measures, the school is currently only able to provide a 'cold meal' offer. This decision will be reviewed before the next half term and any changes will be communicated to parent/carers and students. The table below outlines the food options that are available to students on each day of the school week.

The school cannot change the meal that is ordered for your child so any amendments must be done by the parent via the School Meal website. Your child will be unable to change the meal at school after 9.15am if they decide they do not want it. Please ensure your child is happy with what has been chosen.

Important things to remember:

  • Meal orders must be placed on the School Meal website by 9.15am of each morning.
  • Children eligible for a FSM must also use the School Meal website to secure their entitlement.
  •  The school cannot book a meal for your child.
  •  If your child does not want to order food, you will need to provide a packed lunch for your child.
  •  Parents must ensure that their Parent Pay account contains the necessary funds to cover the cost of any orders that have been made.

We are aware that the current arrangement is not ideal, and as soon as the school is able to provide a wider selection of foods we will do so and will update parents/carers accordingly.

I would like to thank you for your understanding and patience. If you have any questions about school meals, please do not hesitate to contact the school on:

With very best wishes.

Yours faithfully

Mr R Pett