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Important Safeguarding Message: Edible Cannabis Drugs

As a school we are concerned that Edible Drugs are being promoted to students on social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram and to students outside school. We are currently most concerned about sweets containing cannabis. We are working with the police and if it is identified that any Welling School student is trying to sell or give away these sweets they will face very serious consequences including putting their school place at risk.

In the press recently it was reported that thirteen healthy young people in Camden were admitted to hospital after consuming sweets infused with Cannabis oil. Cannabis can be mixed into cakes (hash brownies), tea, yoghurt or sweets gummies/lollipops). The amount of cannabis in these products can vary greatly and sometimes other harmful drugs are added too.

The effects of consuming edibles are unpredictable and it can be very easy to accidentally take a large dose. The dangers posed by these sweets are incredibly real and if consumed by your child it will make them feel ill and most likely cause vomiting. In some cases the impact on your child’s health may be even more severe.

Edibles take between 1-3 hours to have an effect because food is absorbed into the bloodstream through the liver. Because it takes longer, the user may end up consuming larger amounts of the drug while thinking the drug isn’t working. Overdosing with Edibles can be a greater risk because of this.

We ask that you monitor food packaging/wrappers at home looking for wording such as CBD and THC suggesting the items are cannabis oil infused. Please be mindful of the medical needs should your child present with such symptoms, or if it becomes apparent they have consumed a drug laced substance.

If you are made aware of any social media accounts advertising these items, we ask you report this information to the Police, School or Crime Stoppers so work can be done around these accounts due to the dangers Edibles present.

We have attached some examples of what some of the sweet packages look like and also have attached the link to Frank which gives more information and laws surrounding Edibles.

Yours faithfully,

Mr R Pett