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Community Voice

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March 2018

What a fantastic achievement for Welling School!  I went to both evening performances and was amazed at the timing, the costumes, the sets and the professionalism of the whole evening including the refreshments.  The standard of performance was absolutely fantastic and every single one of those young people loved what they did and what they had achieved and it showed them all what hard work and determination can do from both sides.



I had a lovely time at the Year 7 portrait evening. Once again it was was great to hear such positive feedback from parents and pupils.  Congratulations to the Art dept for organising such a great exhibition.

We viewed 5 schools; my granddaughter loved Welling; we thought it was the most well organised Open Day with lovely staff; best school we've been to.

I have just had a tour round your wonderful school, escorted by a Year 9 pupil. He was confident, informative, honest, engaging and courteous. He was a credit to your school and an ambassador for all Year 9 pupils . He deserved special mention as he was the best school guide we have seen this year!  Thanks to him, Welling School has now made it onto our shortlist for selection.

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Saturday. I was really impressed with how welcoming, informative and helpful the staff were. The students are clearly very proud of their school and talked very confidently to the visitors. The comments I heard from the parents were all very positive including one parent who said 'I am not looking at other schools because my daughter is coming here'.

I wish to share, my thoughts on the wonderful Open Day for potential students for 2018 that I attended on Saturday 23rd.

The school looked fresh, clean & welcoming.  Even a glance into the rooms that were not open, revealed order & neatness. Staff had worked hard to produce displays & spent a lot of time talking to visitors. Considering that they have all been very busy at the start of the year, they all had gone the extra mile to make sure that everything was in place.

All the students behaved impeccably, were smartly dressed & proved excellent ambassadors for the school. Those who spoke from the platform deserve particular praise for the manner in which they conducted themselves.

The sixth formers shared their positive support for the school, the staff & in particular for Mrs Khanna, whom they all deeply respect. Well done to all involved.

We'd like to thank you and all the staff at Welling for all that you've done for our daughter over the last 3 years. She has grown into an intelligent and mature young lady and that is in no small part down to the mentorship of Welling school. Thanks  again.

My son was very pleased to be awarded another R3 award. He really enjoyed making the Midsummer Night's costume and his sister was super excited and kept asking to try it on, even when it was only held together with pins!!  I'm very proud of him. He has changed so much in the last year since leaving his previous school. Welling School has brought out the very best in him.  Thank you to all of you for everything you do.

29 June 2017 - I’m writing as the mother of a Welling School student. I attended the 6th form production and examination piece, ‘Playhouse Creatures’, last night (28/6/17).  It was wonderful. I enjoyed it so much and the girls were amazing!  I know that my child and the girls have put so much of themselves into the piece and were really nervous for everything to go well. Personally, I don’t think that it could have gone any better… But I might be a little biased.  I wanted to thank my child's Drama teachers especially for all of the support that they have given her throughout her time in 6th form and the encouragement that she tells me about getting from them. She has really enjoyed the work, even the challenging bits.  As she has now left Welling School, following her last lessons and performance, I would like to thank all of the teachers she has had over the years.  I wasn’t sure which school to choose all those years ago, when she was just 11. I knew that Welling school was close to home, but it had not long come out of special measures and it didn’t have the best reputation. Nevertheless, I went along to the open day and was so impressed with what Ms Khanna had to say. She was so passionate, driven and positive about the future at Welling School, as were all of the team of teachers doing the presentation, and that gave me a good, confident feeling about making it my first choice for secondary education. I trusted Ms Khanna’s word and I’m really glad I did. I highly recommend Welling School to everyone now. 

Thank you all for your dedication to giving my child a good education. Hopefully her exam results will reflect everyone’s hard work, as she looks forward now to University.

February 2017 - Drama production of Our Country's Good - just wanted to say - What a performance!! Fab staging, fantastic costumes, great minimalist set and I loved the music.  It was quite clear that you and the cast have worked extremely hard to deliver that difficult and emotionally draining play in an appropriate and sensitive manner – they obviously gave their all and had the lines and cues well-rehearsed and under their belts - amazing that some of them were playing two parts too.  You are both responsible for a huge surge in confidence - be proud.

October 2016

  • More than happy with Welling School.
  • I am extremely impressed with what my son has achieved so far and look forward to what he will continue to achieve this year.
  • Teachers listen to my son and sanction his behaviour fairly so he learns right from wrong.
  • Teacher support is fantastic!

13 October 2016
Just a quick email to say thank you very much for inviting the University of Kent to exhibit at your HE evening on the 13th October. 
 I spoke to some of the most enthusiastic and well researched students I have encountered this year during the fair and it was very worthwhile attending. 

8 July 2016
Just wanted to say how lovely it was to hear students of Welling School enjoying their sports day. ( listening in my garden!).  It's brilliant to have sports day back.

30 June 2016
Just wanted to say that I thought the science evening today was excellent and appreciate the teachers giving up their time to help us parents help our children. It was enjoyable and informative and has allowed myself to have more understanding when my child comes home and talks about his science in school.  Thanks again.

Hairspray Production - February 2016 - We came to see last night's performance of Hairspray and were blown away by how amazing it was.  We wanted to pass on our congratulations to you and to everyone involved.  The whole cast were fantastic and they were so professional in the way they dealt with the occasional feedback or crackling with the microphones.  The band were brilliant and kept the whole evening moving along.  Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication in bringing this talented cast together to perform such a great show.  I am sure that as the week goes on the performances can only get stronger.  Well done and thank you to everyone involved.

Christmas Concert - 3 December 2015
We would just like to say how impressed we were with the Christmas Concert last night, there were some very talented singers and musicians. We were very proud of our daughter for playing in front of an audience, at home she is very shy and doesn’t like to play in front of the family so this was a big night for her.Also we would like to thank everyone involved for making this possible and giving up their time to make it happen. We look forward to the next one.

Christmas 2015 East Wickham

Year 8 student's parent
Just a short note to say thank you very much for all your hard work and enthusiasm this year. My daughter has really enjoyed Year 8 and continued to make great progress. In addition to her studies, she had the opportunity to take part in a number of school trips this year, which she really enjoyed. We look forward to the opportunities and challenges Year 9 will bring.

You work tirelessly behind the scenes and it means a lot to know the children have a great leadership team to support them in their endeavors.  Thank you for all your support and encouragement.

Mrs Manzi, Head of East Wickham School following the preview of the Music Concert on 7 July 2014 which East Wickham children were invited to:

  • Thank you so much for the invite, we had a great time. You certainly have some talented musicians and great voices.

From a student's mum following the Jack Petchey Award Ceremony

  • We had the privilege of attending the recent Jack Petchey Award Ceremony at the Orchard Theatre to watch our son perform with his band.  Their performance was amazing and we were so pleased that he got to be part of such a big event.  

Year 9 Consultation Evening 2014

  • After attending the school yesterday afternoon/evening, I feel I must write and let you know that we are not only absolutely delighted with the progress our daughter is making at Welling School, but we are also very pleased with the staff that teach her.  They are not only totally dedicated, committed and effective but also extremely nice people. 
    I would also like to say that I think, under your leadership, Welling School is going from strength to strength and I sincerely hope that you will remain as the headteacher.

The Brilliant Club

  • I would like to thank you for giving my daughter the opportunity to take part. I feel this is a fantastic opportunity for the children, giving them access to university life and education, which will bring benefits for the future.

  • We are pleased that our son has been able to have this opportunity and be a part of this experience. He seems to be enjoying it and is learning a lot from it. We are happy with his involvement.  

  • Just a quick email to let you know my daughter is really enjoying the Brilliant Club tutorials.

  • My son was given the great opportunity of being given a place in " the brilliant club". He has really enjoyed his weekly tutorials and has said that he has learnt lots. I think the work has been extremely challenging but I'm amazed that my son has given it everything and doesn't seem phased by it at all. He has taken in everything that he has been taught and I am very proud of him. Thank you very much for giving him this opportunity. It is such a good idea for the pupils.

Show My Homework

  • The new function "Show My Homework" looks great. 

  • Just wanted to let you know that I think this facility is absolutely fantastic.  Not only does it serve as a check that the children have noted all their homework in their planners, it allows parents to 'encourage'  their children to complete the work on time and then see the grades obtained.  Brilliant!

Year 7 Portrait Exhibition

  • Dear Mr Ward and Mr Greenwood, thank you so much for putting on the Year 7 Portrait Exhibition. It was a pleasure to see the interesting work produced by the year 7 students. It was also great to see so many of the teaching staff there, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  My daughter was keen for me to attend and I am glad I the opportunity.

Student Voice

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your letter that you sent home.  It is so nice to hear praise when your child has done well....instead of only hearing negatives. Your letter actually brought tears to my eyes as it was so lovely to hear such nice comments .....thank you. And yes, I am very proud of my daughter indeed!

Community Voice

  • I felt I had to inform you of how well behaved your students are both before and after school.  They are all very polite, courteous and nearly all of them say a friendly "Morning" or "Afternoon".  You should be very proud of them all.  Well done.

Consultation Evening

  • We are very happy with our child’s progress within the school and can’t think of anything that could improve the school at this stage.
  • A+++
  • Keep up the good work.
  • Really happy with Welling School and my child is achieving her potential. Thank you!
  • I’m really pleased with almost everything…
  • I don’t think you could improve.