Welling School is part of Partnership 6th with Trinity C of E School. We have combined our respective resources for the delivery of Post 16 education with a view to providing high quality teaching and learning, together with the widest possible choice of courses and subjects.

Mission Statement

The Governing Body of Welling School aims to support the ethos of the schools and wider community in educating outward-looking learners who will thrive in their own lives and contribute to make the world a better place.

We will achieve this through both an active involvement in the daily life of the schools where appropriate and by working closely with the Schools Senior Leadership Teams:

  • To set challenging aims and objectives with the schools and support the schools in achieving them.
  • To agree policies, priorities and performance targets in order to accomplish these objectives.
  • To look for evidence that these objectives are being achieved and challenge where appropriate.

The Governing body will always act in the best interests of the Academies and its pupils.   We will be prepared to explain clearly our decisions in an open and transparent way to staff, parents, pupils and others in the wider community.  We will be united in a common vision for the schools shared by the Headteacher’s in promoting the highest possible academic standards.

The Governors will act as a cooperate body, with integrity, objectivity and honesty.


Class of Governor Number
Executive Headteacher 1
Headteacher 1
Staff 1
Parent 2
Appointed 7
Total 12

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There are six meetings of the full Local Governing Body each academic year.  In addition to this, there are three committees who have delegated responsibility laid out in their terms of reference.

Pupil Discipline

Where the Head Teacher has excluded a pupil either for a fixed period or permanently, to consider whether directions should be given to the Headteacher for the pupil's reinstatement in the case of a permanent exclusion, or a note on the students record in the case of fixed term exclusions.

Pay Committee

To carry out the Governing Body’s responsibilities in implementing its policies and procedures for determining, reviewing and agreeing staff pay.

Partnership 6th Joint Board

See definition above.

Impact Statement

Governor Impact Statement   Welling School  2018-19

This has been a difficult year for the Governors following the resignation of the Head Teacher at the beginning of the academic year.

In January, the long standing Chair of Governors stepped down & I agreed to take on the role until July 2019: sadly this corresponded to a period of ill health on my part.

The subsequent resignations of the former Chair & Vice Chair, although regrettable , prompted an important discussion of the role of the LGB & its relationship with TKAT.  In addition to the loss of the previous Chair & Vice Chair, another governor was considered to have left due to the failure to attend 5 meetings, all but one without apologies. Two parent governors joined as well as 3 others,

With the arrival of the new Head Teacher in April & a new, enthusiastic LGB, this has been a chance to move forward together & to do things differently. To that end, our meeting in May started earlier enabling governors to walk through the school during lesson times & to meet with panels of students & staff to discuss a range of issues. This was a great success.

New governors have attended training related to their role, on safer recruitment, on the role of Academy trusts and CoGs.

Governors have met variously with the head, the safeguarding team, the finance officer & members of TKAT.  They have attended prize-giving evenings, open days, debriefing sessions after learning reviews and a parents’ forum. Governors are working with staff at all Key stages, with those working with the more able and looking at the provision for students with medical issues.  The Chair attended all interviews with those staff who became associate members of SLT.

The governing body currently comprises:

  Name Position Start Date Curent term of office Declaration of interest
  Mrs Lesley West Chair of Governors 01/05/11 01/05/19 - 30/04/23 None
  Mr Peter Smith Vice Chair of Governors 19/09/12 19/09/16 - 18/09/20 Wife and sister-in-law work at TKAT
  Mrs Natalie Willbourn Executive Headteacher 02/09/19 02/09/19 to date None
  Mr Rob Pett Headteacher 23/04/19 23/04/19 to date None
  Mr Alex McWhinnie Appointed Governor 08/05/12 11/07/16 - 10/07/20 None
  Ms Janice Newport Appointed Governor 14/09/17 14/09/17 - 13/09/21 None
  Mr Shaun Butler Appointed Governor 06/03/18 06/03/18 - 05/03/22 Governor, KTC
  Mr Kieran Walsh Appointed Governor 09/07/19 09/07/19 - 08/07/23 None
  Mr Tom Madden Appointed Governor 02/10/18 02/10/18 - 01/10/22 Former student
  Mrs Natalie Sillince Parent Governor 29/01/19 29/01/19 - 28/01/23 daughter is a student
  Mrs Lisa McNeil Parent Governor 04/10/18 04/10/18 - 03/10/22 daughter is a student
  Mr Phil Boyd Clerk to the Governors     None


Governors Attendance 2018-19:


Governors with an end of term of office in the current ot last academic year:

Name Position Start Date Current term of office End Date Declaration of interest Attendance
Lesley Robins Chair of Governors 25/09/07 01/05/15 - 30/04/19 30/01/19 Chair of Governors Grays Farm/ Royal Park 100%
Terry Madden-Nadeau Vice Chair of Governors 05/06/09 05/06/17 - 04/06/21 08/03/19 None 75%
David Thompson Appointed Governor 10/07/17 10/07/17 - 09/07/21 09/07/19 None 83%
Nick Appiah Appointed Governor 14/09/17 14/09/17 - 13/09/21 26/07/19 None 17%

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Additonal Governor information:

To contact the Chair of Governors, please address your communication to:

Clerk to the Governing Body:  Mr P Boyd, Governance Officer, Governor Services, Civic Offices, 2 Watling Street, Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 7AT

Documentation is updated regularly - please continue to visit this page for information.