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Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA)

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LPPA Summer Term 2 Update

We are very excited to announce some new developments and initiatives that will support the continued progress we are making in reinforcing the partnership between Welling School and parents / carers.

The MyEd app is up and running and will  become an important source of communication between school and home. This is a free to use app which can receive messages from school and where parents / carers can access dates of future events as well as other school related information. Further details regarding the MyEd app can be found via this link MyEd

  • Welling School is currently looking to recruit two Parent Governors to be part of the Board of Governors at the school. As well as being participating in the Board meetings over the course of the year, the Parent Governors will also play a major role in ensuring that Parent Voice becomes even more influential in the development of the school. If you are interested in this role, please email Matt Barrett, Director of Business - barrettm@wellingschool-tkat.org
  • In partnership with the Learning & Enterprise College Bexley (LECB) Welling School will be hosting courses for parents / carers at the school site. The range of possible courses could include GCSE Maths and English; Time out for Teens; Time out for Anger Management; as well as courses for Functional Skills such as ESOL and E-safety. If you are interested in being involved please download and complete the LECB flyer and return to Welling School Reception before 4 September 2018. Flyers can also be collected from school Reception or downloaded here taster sessions flyer

We will continue to update you on further developments that aim to strengthen the home / school partnership. Please email any further ideas / suggestions to Mr Loizou, Director of Learning : Engagement - loizout@wellingschool-tkat.org

Leading Parent Partnership Award

Welling School is proud of its working relationships with parents and carers, however, as a school we are always keen to develop many more aspects of our home-school partnership.  Parent / Carer involvement in their child’s learning really does make a difference and here at Welling School we are committed to giving the tools and support that parents / carers need to help their child to achieve their full educational potential.

Over the next 15 months, we shall be working towards achieving a national award called the ‘Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA)’.

This award looks at how well we work with parents and carers; how welcoming the school is; and, how we support parents / carers in helping their child to learn.

We aim to improve communication with parents / carers and the community; support families and children to extend their learning and encourage a greater input and more involvement of parents / carers in school life.

The award has 9 Key Objectives (outlined below).

The school:

  1. demonstrates a commitment to work towards achieving the LPPA
  2. makes and implements effective plans to achieve and maintain the LPPA
  3. is a welcoming, communicative and friendly place for parents
  4. promotes the awareness and participation of all groups of parents in supporting their children’s learning and developing their own learning. In addition, the school holds and actively promotes a programme of opportunities and events for joint parent and child participation
  5. provides a good induction for all new parents
  6. provides parents with relevant and user-friendly guidance and information to help them to support their children’s learning
  7. produces and implements parent-friendly policies to establish effective home–school links and to improve children’s attendance, punctuality, progress and positive participation in school
  8. provides good support for all parents as their children move through or leave the school
  9. school summarises its achievements against the LPPA Objectives and outlines its future plans

Welling School will be judged against these objectives and has to provide evidence to demonstrate that we are working towards achieving these and that evidence is constantly updated and reflects the needs of all our young people and their parents / carers.

Please take this opportunity to reflect on the objectives listed below and read the ‘Updates’  which will be posted in the near future to give you a snapshot of the type of strategies and improvements that have been put in place in response to feedback form both students and parents / carers.

With your continued support we hope to achieve this award. You can find more information about the award at https://www.awardplace.co.uk/

If you have any questions about the award, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mr Loizou
Director of Learning: Engagement