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  • https://targetcareers.co.uk/ - Paths to Professional Careers –a Parent’s Guide 2017 |5 Top tips for helping your child find the right career ‘Encourage your child to try out
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Through one to one or small group’s careers meetings independent and impartial careers information, advice and guidance can be accessed by any student on request.

All students receive at least one face-to-face or small group careers interview with a level 6 trained careers adviser, currently via Prospects. During careers interviews, all students are helped to develop a careers action plan.

Using the school website, tutor time, careers meetings and assemblies, the school advertises the open days and evenings for all local education providers to all students and their parents throughout education phases and transition between key stages. Students are made aware of the National Apprenticeship Service and National Careers Service.

Students receive opportunities to attend national skills and careers events, for example Skills London, Bexley Apprenticeship Evening, Careers London, Local Business Open Evenings.

Duty to participate in education or training after 16.

The Government has raised the participation age (RPA) so that all young people in England are now required to continue in education or training beyond the age of 16. The school recognises that young people need to be clear about the duty and what it means for them. In particular students must be clear that young people are not required to stay in school; that they can choose how to participate which might be through:

  • full time study in a school, college or training provider;
  • an apprenticeship, traineeship or supported internship;
  • full time work or volunteering (20 hours or more) combined with part time accredited study.


New careers guide
The Local Government Association (LGA) has launched a new careers guide www.local.gov.uk/web/guest/workforce aimed at encouraging young people to think about a career in local government. The guide describes the important work that councils do within the places that young people live, work, learn, and socialise, and it highlights the huge variety of interesting and meaningful jobs that councils have to offer.