Key Stage 4


Key Stage 4 is going to be an exciting, yet challenging time for your child.   Year 10 is a very important year as it is the start of your child’s GCSE (or equivalent) courses.  For Y11 students, preparing for mock examinations and completion of Post-16 application forms are some of the key priorities, as well as balancing their workload and preparing for the final GCSE examinations.  Your child will be given information and schedules about their examinations nearer the time from each faculty.

Therefore, it is essential that parents support their children both academically and personally.  Firstly, at least 2 hours of study/ revision need to be completed every evening. Indeed, students should start revising and preparing for their examinations as soon as possible; websites such as BBC GCSE Bitesize are excellent resources to support their study.

Moreover, it is also important that parents ensure that their child’s well-being is considered at this exacting time, taking into consideration the balance of maintaining a healthy workload and a healthy active life style including, plenty of sleep, exercise and a balanced diet.

Literacy is at the heart of all education and should be promoted at all times.  Please encourage your child to read regularly, ideally every day, as this is the single best step they can take to improving their understanding in all subjects.  You can find more information about Literacy on the school website.

Finally, we can’t educate your child if they are not in school. It is a proven fact that when attendance dips below 96% it will affect the GCSE grades your child leaves us with.  Please help your child, and in turn, us, by continuing to send them to school every day, on time.

Key Stage 4 students are role models to younger students in the school and need to ensure that they are in correct uniform and behaving in an appropriate way. We would like to ensure that our students are not only role models in school but ambassadors for the school in the community.

We aim that every one of our students is a confident, independent young person; responsible and sensitive to the world around them.

Thank you for your support alongside us, and we wish your child a successful year.

The curriculum leaders at Welling School are Ms Silcox (Deputy Headteacher) and Ms Major (Director of Learning), any questions regarding the curriculum should be sent via email to: